NESCAI07: The Second North East Student Colloquium on Artificial Intelligence

13-15 April 2007, Ithaca, NY

Why come?

The primary purposes of NESCAI are to foster discussion among graduate students from the region, provide graduate students opportunities to present their work and get feedback about it, and to allow networking among the students.

Here are some great reasons to come:

  • You get to meet other graduate students in your area.
  • You can promote your work to other graduate students, who you might even start collaborating with on new work.
  • You can get feedback on your work in progress.
  • You can practice presenting your stuff before this summer's conference season.
  • You'll get to see invited talks from eminent faculty in AI and ML.
  • You get to see Cornell University.
  • It's cheap ($50 including two nights of accommodation and food)!