NESCAI07: The Second North East Student Colloquium on Artificial Intelligence

13-15 April 2007, Ithaca, NY

Paper formatting guidelines

All papers presented at NESCAI-07 will not be formally published, but will be collected on CD-ROM and made available to the participants of the conference.

The final version of the paper should be formatted according to the ICML guidelines found here. Please make the following changes as compared to the version originally submitted:



and please edit icml2005.sty to change the text

Appearing in \textit{Proceedings of the
$\mathit{22}^{st}$ International Conference on Machine Learning},
Bonn, Germany, 2005. Copyright 2005 by the author(s)/owner(s).


Presented at \textit{North East Student
Colloquium on Artificial Intelligence (NESCAI)}, 2007. Copyright the authors.

Presentation guidelines

Note: All papers accepted by NESCAI (including those accepted as oral presentations) will also be presented as posters during one of the poster sessions.


Talks should be 25 minutes long. Every talk will be followed by 5 minutes for questions. Rooms will be equipped with digital projectors and presenters should have their own laptop. We can arrange for a computer to be available if you need it (please contact the PC as soon as possible if you need a computer to be provided).

Please come to your session early to connect your laptop and make sure it works with the projector. This will make the sessions run more smoothly.


Posters for NESCAI should be 4 feet wide by 3 feet high. You may print a large poster, or may attach individual pieces of paper to the back board for the posters. We will provide tacs to attach the posters.