NESCAI: North East Student Colloquium on Artificial Intelligence

28-29 April 2006, Ithaca, NY

Conference Schedule

The NESCAI schedule will be organized to allow students to drive to Ithaca on the 28th of April and return home by evening on the 29th of April. The tenative schedule is below.

For directions to the conference location, please check the driving directions page.

A detailed schedule of the technical talks and a detailed schedule of the poster sessions are also available.

Friday, April 28th
Welcome in Upson B17
5:00pm-7:00pm Session 1: Machine Learning and Statistical Learning Theory Session 2: Reinforcement Learning
7:00pm-9:30pm Reception and Poster Session 1
Saturday, April 29th
8:20am-9:30am Invited Talk: Jon Kleinberg, Cornell
9:45am-11:00am Session 3: Information Retreival Session 4: Robotics and Vision
11:15am-12:30pm Session 5: Applications of Probabilistic Models Session 6: Agents Acting under Uncertainty
2:00pm-3:15pmInvited Talk: Tom Mitchell, CMU
3:15pm-5:15pmPoster Session 2
5:00pm-5:30pmFeedback Session