NESCAI: North East Student Colloquium on Artificial Intelligence

28-29 April 2006, Ithaca, NY

Call for Papers

NESCAI '06 is the first North-Eastern Student Colloquium on Artificial
Intelligence, organized by graduate students.  It will take place
at Cornell University, Ithaca, NY on April 28 and 29, 2006. There
will be no conference fee, and one night of accommodation on April 28th
will be sponsored by Cornell University.

The aim of the colloquium is to bring together graduate students in
Artificial Intelligence in the U.S. Northeast and Eastern Canada for
an exchange of ideas, discussions and networking.  We are soliciting
submissions of papers describing new or previously submitted research
and research ideas in all areas of AI including but not limited to:

- Agents
- Applications (e.g., computational biology, sensor networks, etc...)
- Cognitive architectures
- Cognitive modeling
- Commonsense reasoning
- Decision-theoretic reasoning
- Game playing and interactive entertainment
- Information integration
- Knowledge bases and expert systems
- Knowledge representation and reasoning
- Machine learning and data mining
- Natural language processing
- Neural networks
- Planning and problem solving
- Probabilistic reasoning
- Robotics
- Semantic web
- Vision and perception

A graduate student should be a primary author of all submitted

We are looking for the following types of submissions in the ICML
conference format (

- FULL PAPERS (6 pages): All accepted papers will be presented as
  posters with a subset selected for talks.  Appendices may exceed the
  6 page limit, but the reviewers are under no obligation to read any
  material beyond the 6 page limit.

  + Research papers presenting previously submitted or novel research
    in Artificial Intelligence

  + Conceptual papers presenting and motivating new ideas and research
    directions in AI

  + Survey papers summarizing the state of the art in a particular
    subfield of AI
- SHORT PAPERS (2 pages): All accepted papers will be presented as

  + Research abstracts

  + Progress reports on ongoing research 

All submissions will be peer-reviewed by graduate students in the
respective areas.  We encourage the resubmission of previously or
currently submitted papers so long as this is indicated by the author.
We will work with authors to ensure that copyrights held by other
conferences will not be violated but we do not anticipate any problems
as there will be no formal publication of NESCAI proceedings.

We have confirmed with the program committees of the following 
conferences that they do not object to submission to the conference
as well as to NESCAI: ICML, UAI, SIGIR, KDD.

The timeline for submissions is:

  + Initial Submission for Review:              13 Mar 2006

  + Reviewer Responses and Acceptance Decision:  2 Apr 2006

  + Final Revision of Accepted Papers:          23 Apr 2006

All submissions are to be made electronically at the main conference
web site (  Additional
information concerning the conference can also be found at this web

NESCAI is sponsored by the Intelligent Information Systems Institute and Department of Computer Science at Cornell University.